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Saturday, February 14, 2009


There are a lot of Tags, Awards and Meme's going the rounds of Blogland, and a lot of them I ignore, but when one comes along that is fun, I usually play along. This one is to enter "(your name) needs" into a Google search box, and list the first five results. I had multiple results come up that had Needs as a surname, so I only listed the first of them.

1. My poor Josephine needs some attention. She’s been sitting in the stairwell for way too long.

2.Clearly, Josephine needs help, perhaps from a shrink. Alas, the Jungs and Freuds of her daughter Olive’s generation are not there to probe her psyche

3.Josephine Needs - Australian Electoral Rolls, 1901-1936.

4.Josephine needs a loan to purchase additional ingredients and food items to sell. She cooks food as well as selling vegetables to earn a living.

5.Josephine needs glasses. I'm perfectly fine with it, I think she looks absolutely adorable in the pair of glasses we chose... Josephine is NOT fine with it.

Well I know i'm not on the Aussie Electoral Rolls, but all the others fit!!